Wednesday, 29 October 2008

'When I'm Saying Serial I Ain't Talking About Coco Pops'

Grime videos are a phenomenon that should be appreciated by all. They've got slicker over time, and this year has seen some good ones in Muhammad Ali,
Star In The Making, In A Coner, and Hustler.

The whole spectrum is there in grime videos, from the budget-ness of From Day, the polished slapstick of Pies, the comedy of Rolex Sweep, the dreads and mayhem on Message Is Love, the neon and erratic movements of Mr, and the hype of I Can C U. I appreciate the large majority of grime videos, but nothing comes close to Murkle Man.


Jammer - Murkle Man

Naturally, the latest contribution to grime's Youtube presence doesn't surpass the work of art of Murkle Man, but Tinchy Stryder's latest, Rollin', is a respectable video that's well shot. There's no real amateur moments here that make it a true grime classic, and the start gets off and running safely with a surely conscious nod to Jay-Z's Change Clothes. I still prefer the version with Dillusion, but this is a big track regardless.

Tinchy Stryder (Feat. Roachee) - Rollin'

The video has its moments, including Maniac's deserved cameo that follows in the vein of Mainstream Money and Kidulthood To Adulthood and, even more deservedly, he's spared the embarassment of being called a 'brainiac' this time around. Tinchy drops about two slices of probably Warburtons on the floor, and even 'Ricky from MTV' comes along for the 'Roachee's free!!' party. The dancing at the end, as well as the traditional cameos of various MCs, gives the video character and suits the nice vibe of the track.

The single will feature on the anticipated mixtape Stryder Vs Maniac, which is due for release on November 10.

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