Tuesday, 21 October 2008

'There's No Way On Earth You Can Hear Me And Say That You Don't Rate Man'

I'm painfully aware that Wiley has been the topic of the day for probably too many days, so surely one more won't hurt before I have a little rest and write about something else. On the other hand, there is interest in See Clear Now from places because I've been getting a ridiculous amount of hits recently. I thought I didn't care about that sort of thing but, apparently, it appears I do.

With it being Monday yesterday Logan Sama was on the radio, even though he's not next week. The tears were about to flow but he promised to do an old-school grime mix instead, so it's all good. For once I actually stayed up for the whole two hour grime extravagaza and, despite no set, the show was decent, which I can only put down to the host's inimitable style and slick radio broadcasting skills. Logan still wasn't finished, putting a caller's number on the internet after the show for saying racist things. Humble pie for the people who doubted the man's cameo appearance on Roll Deep's Racist People.

The show kicked off to a flippant start, with Logan saying that Wiley had a new album out, so 'might as well play some tracks'.

Fair enough.

I was eagerly waiting for the new offerings, until I was interrupted with a message from one of grime's few entrepeneurs, the internet tycoon Hij. Inexplicitly, Hij decided that it was no longer appropriate for me to be a 'Super Shower Moderator' on the grimeforum. Whether the power has gone to his head or not, I painfully accepted the decision against the backdrop of the new Wiley track Can't Stop Thinking which, bar for some elements of the production, was comprehensively deadout. The song has now been inherited with bad connotations, a personal soundtrack of failure, and the realisation that I've been dropped back into the pit of forum runts.

*waves at grimeforum users*

Generally though, the music wasn't conventional pop-music. It was quite bizarre really, and I don't know what to make of it. It wasn't straight pie which is what some may have expected, and there is barring rather than sparse, minimalistic vocals that have little to no worth. I might buy See Clear Now just out of intrigue. Intentional or not, intrigue isn't a bad marketing ploy.

Wiley - See Clear Now

The album being released on Asylum is a one-off, with Wiley leaving and going independent on Eskibeat Recordings. I said a while back what I thought about the label, but at least it has some releases now, if not much else.

Ice Kid was supposedly a member but, after finally making a track, it appears that he's 'Eskibeat Recordings... Director'. Really, you can't get away from why. Wiley can do what he wants, but the idea of giving something to someone for nothing makes no sense whatsoever. The camp has to make movements regardless for the title to mean anything so, as an Ice Kid fan, hopefully being the director of Eskibeat Recordings will get him out of bed in the morning to make some tunes.

The 'I'll melt ya igloo so retire' talk is over. Everyone's happy. They see clear now.

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