Friday, 31 October 2008

'Hit 'Em Like a Lightning Bolt, 5000 Volt It's Your Own Fault'

It happens less these days, but still a beat that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up always results in replaying the beat at least ten times or something dumb that like that.

Dot Rotten Beat (Radio Rip)

It might be the strings, it might be the mini-drop, it might be the Dizzee Rascal sample that matches other Rotten beats such as Can't Test My Crew, the one with the Fugees' Ready Or Not excerpt, and Skepta's 'every time you see me wearing the glove' sample. Either way, the beat has an atmosphere to it that is a combination of all the individual elements and, even if it is a little old, the result is a joy to listen to.

The audio might not give justice to the clip from where I got this from, which was when Dot had a tantrum because Logan didn't deal him like one of them guys. So just listen to that if you like Youtube and Logan's mixing. And if you enjoy looking at comments from people who have the inability to think properly.

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joesph said...

your killing it fam! nice blog