Monday, 23 November 2009

Rapid - Go Rapid Video

What's good grime fans.

I love grime, but I can't lie - from time to time, my faith in the music is tested. The seeming given that music should pay; artists altering their styles but not doing themselves justice.

In the troughs I appreciate grime's few sources of inspiration. Rapid is one of them.

Rapid - Go Rapid Video

The chase in this simple yet highly polished video provides the story, but it's also a symbolic sprint. 'Go Rapid' is an upbeat yet hard-hitting statement of intent, a move away from Stuck On My Mind, I Wanna Let You Know and other bits. But these tracks can be viewed collectively:

'You've gotta have different tactics if you wanna reach out to the masses'

And, for once, the tactics used have integrity. In an underground shrouded by the 'commercial' miasma, 'Go Rapid' is just the latest experiment from one of grime's most eminent producers that really can't be too far off the desired result.

In terms of making the sound more palatable for a wider audience - and doing it credibly - Rapid is running away from the others. And provided he has enough puff - just like in 'Go Rapid' - there's no reason why he can't win the race.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Free Download: Scorcher (Feat. Terminator) - Spartan Gang

Twitter has been splurting and burping updates all year from grime's fraternity. Copious consumption of updates has contracted in the channels; a peristalsis in which morsels of beef and e-warriordom have plopped out to my considerable entertainment.

Free music has also squirmed through the system. Dot Rotten and the fifty free beats, Rinse FM exclusives, and now Scorcher is the latest to oblige.

He's given away Spartan Gang for free.

Download: Spartan Gang

One of the best grime tracks this year, Myspace as an outlet for music is being set to one side. Expect Twitter to throw up a couple more bangers in the not too distant future.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Boy Better Know - Goin' In Video

Mistajam only played Goin' In for the first time the other week. It's an episode that I'll personally remember for the invaluable contribution from DJ Cameo:

Cameo just rang me moaning about him not playing GOING IN exclusive. I told him "MAXIMUM IS MY DJ. AND HE AINT MOANING" man needs to grow up
3:58 PM Oct 24th from Tweetie

But from Cameo's enquiries, the process has been quick. The video is here already, with the track available for digital download on 14 December.

Boy Better Know - Goin' In Video

Despite his abundant locks I nearly missed Logan's feature. But Jammer looms over all, the rasta's central role giving the video a comic feel that shouldn't do the track any harm.

You can catch additional Jammer japery, Goin' In background and Donatella's cleavage in Grime Daily's exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.