Wednesday, 22 October 2008

'Number 1 DJ Logan's Dutty, Sama's Dutty'

Nasty Jack's Logan Dub still makes me laugh. In a good way. The flattery may have some substance, wth the release of the new edition of The Best There Is At What I Do after a little delay. The series is already three episodes deep, and any potential slur on Logan Sama's tardiness is quickly brushed aside in what follows, which is a brilliant mix containing hype instrumentals and the newest vocals from the scene's finest.

The atmospheric start, which was ripped from a place I unfortunately don't know about, suggests art-form rather than gesture to needy fans. As far as I'm concerned, the highlight is the drop of Do You Hear Me/Arnie, produced by Footsie because, frankly, it wasn't expected and it's one of the better beats I've ever heard in my short life. Dropping it while Foots spits his verse over Newham Generals' recent track Just Know That was a nice touch.

Straight after is the latest Jammer track off Are You Dumb Volume 4. I forgot the name of it. It wasn't intentional because, despite the liberal use of Auto-Tune that he can't resist using yet again on the lastest Cemetary Warriors track it's one of the best Jammer vocals around. Holiday and Duppy Maker are also personal favourites, but his latest shows a maturer Jammer that has improved a lot.

The mixing was very good which, admittedly, is always a bonus on a mix. The linking of Silencer's World War 4 to Kano's Hunting We Will Go was a joy to listen to, and the selection was clearly thought about in advance. Tracks often flow into another, such as Skepta's instrumental for Killa P's Killa merging into the latest Cemetary Warriors vocal, and Ice Kid's Talk Of The Town coming before Wiley's now half-forgotten Kicked Out The Game, relating to Ice's 'I ain't got one tune to my name I'll walk out the game and walk back in it'.

These mixes are quite handy as well because you can listen to the newest vocals without having to wait the interminable amount of time for your average grime CD. Recent tunes that feature on the latest edition of The Best There Is At What I Do include Frisco's Ignorant Remix with Roadside G's, Roachee's Top 3 Selected and the Hunting We Will Go Remix with Ghetto. If Logan carries on the way he's going 'coming soon' may never have the same potency it once had ever again.

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