Tuesday, 7 October 2008

'We Roll Deep Regular'

'it's an epic situation once again...'

J2K probably jumped about three guns on this one but I'll allow an MC his hyperbole and, in truth, Roll Deep with Karnage and Logan on deck is one of the better sets I've heard this year. Not that there's been a lot, but still. Better than being one of the shittier sets of the year.

Boy Better Know set trends and, with the release of the Microphone Champion studio set, they've given legitimacy to the medium and, in the process, half-established something that's well worth keeping. BBK get props for that, yet here Manga's not so sly references to Ed Hardy did cause mild alarm and, in the aftermath, the hope that the contagious disease of Ed Hardy and associated lyrical vacuousness doesn't spread like MRSA to other innocents in the scene who, really, I would like to think know better.

However I can't deny Manga a mention of cliche fashion if he so wishes, and the admission is easier given his performance here, amply proving he's a good MC and potentially a real asset to a crew with, in relation to the scene, frighteningly aging members. Flow Dan still has life in him since he provides energy in abundance on this set, and his impeccable flow still gets wheels, showing Manga the right path by bomming 'SKENG' down the mic and getting a straight reload. I've always rated Scratchy and it was good to hear him for the first time in too long. J2K fits in well into the crew, giving the impression he's been around for longer than he has been, and Killa P delivers characteristic hype.

Wiley of course wasn't present but Logan's selection was a nice touch, at one point dropping Sidewinder, Terrible and Flat Derek in succession, Scratchy's Shut Your Mouth, and bangers Eastern Jam and Gridlock. Karnage played newer beats from Maniac and Bless Beats, giving a good contrast between the two DJs.

Hopefully the set provides some good promotion for their new album release, Return of the Big Money Sound, which is available from 13 October 2008.

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