Wednesday, 8 October 2008

'Spray Bars Shower, I've Got A Different Sort Of Power Yeah...

Shorty Smalls is one of my favourite MCs. I don't really know why. His delivery isn't perfect, his bars could be constructed better, and his workrate isn't great. In the current climate maybe that's part of the appeal; an MC who makes no pretensions and with no yearning for wider acclaim. Just like every other grime MC he may have weaknesses, but with a good flow when the bars are on-point, and the anthemic S.H.O.R.T.Y S.M.A.L.L.S that still gets wheels in the gaff, he has enough about him that warrants more attention than he gets.

Generally you won't be high in the grime conscience if you release next to nothing, and the situation takes a tragically comic edge given the 'Non Stop Working' mantra which, even more unfortunately, had to be printed on numerous T-Shirts. I'm not going to slag off the tees because, like most in grime, they're not laughable. Anyway I hope something is coming soon but sometimes hoping is all a bit pointless. I'm not necessarily old enough, but I am wise enough to realise that it's more likely that Ronald McDonald will turn up to Rinse next week to spray a couple bars sending for The Colonel and the Crispy Twister.

Mixtapes seem to be a standard for anyone in the scene who wants to be taken seriously, and Chipmunk thinks you can't be taken seriously if you don't have several tunes to your name. I respect the young man's output and it's propelled him where he is now, but with six promos and three mixtapes saying anything else would seem a bit silly. Nobody wants a punch in the face and Chip stuck to the script, yet Esco and Ice Kid to name a few prove happy exceptions to the rule. Silence has led to intrigue, with fans hyping in the expectation of something, and an over-indulgence on the few freestyles or features they can call their own.

I'm not sure what Esco and Ice Kid have lined up, though I think I do know. Chipmunk's debut album 'I Am Chipmunk' is due for release soon. I wish him every success but, whatever the measure of his future success, I'll always rate Shorty Smalls higher. I don't really know why.

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