Monday, 24 November 2008

"You're Not On A Beef Ting You're Cabbage"

Grime content is narrow. If you're bothered by this sort of thing, don't despair. It happens to all of us, but P-Money may well go down in the grime annals for realising a breakthrough in the war against writer's block: fruit and veg bars.

P-Money Bars on Midnight Request Line

I haven't listened to Midnight Request Line for time. I almost forgot how good it is. Anyway I'm finding it very difficult to refrain from a five-a-day pun so I'll quickly move on. Opening with the claim that some of "these man are fruity", what followed was a wringing of the towel to try and squeeze out as much as possible from the topic.

I have no intentions to cast aspersions on the fruity discourse, because I don't want to get "clapped in the mango", and think of the mess if "grapes are gonna fly like British Airways". Nevertheless, I was sceptical about the over-use of word-play on tracks such as Talking To Trainers and a few others on P Money Is Power, since it did get a little tedious but, like all good fruit, the bars are fresh here so the novelty value remains for the meantime at least.

I still don't really know what to make of the lyrics, yet I appreciate trying to do something new and the bars did say something generally, even if I didn't really follow the veg section. Still, I don't care too much for logic, and the vegetable chat did wake me up a little at 2:30 AM which is a worthy achievement in itself.

P-Money was on Rinse FM with DJ JJ, Blacks, Drifter and Amazer. The set was good as usual, and if you want to hear more then you can download the full thing here.

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