Tuesday, 4 November 2008

'This Weren't Made In Taiwan It's A UK Brand'

I can't lie. I'm a fan of free downloads, and Wiley - Mixtape Master, mixed by DJ Furious, is one of the latest that's doing the rounds now, adding to his archives which include the 2 Fast 2 Furious and Rhythm and Grime collections.

Mixtape Master is a good summary of the Tunnel Vision series, which admittedly I haven't listened to in a while. In the unlikely event that you care, the mix consists of 48 tracks and beats, running to a total of 72:27. The mix is comprehensive enough given the 6 volume output of the Tunnel Vision series and, despite quite a few of the Tunnel Visions being disappointing, this mix shows that there was good material on there. He's Too Much is a slept-on banger, and the numerous war dubs provide comedy in the way only Wiley can provide it.

The mix is decent, with an emphasis on selection that was generally good. Flying was a huge tune to drop at the end, the mix going out on a high, and providing pure vibes against Wiley not slewing Stormin's face but being a 'defender' of it. There's so many beats and vocals to choose from, but my wait to hear Dragon Stout for the first time in ages unfortunately continues.

Still, the instrumentals were the highlight, and it was nice to hear some relative rarities in Snowman, the When I'm 'Ere Remix, and Ice Cream Man Remix. In Eskimo, Ice Rink, and Igloo, the mix has the Eskibeat classics that arguably represent the pinnacle of any producer's achievement in this genre.

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