Sunday, 23 November 2008

"I'm A Big Sound Man Like My Dad"

I'm still pissed that I spent my hard-earned on Best Of Newham Generals Volume 1. I think I was unemployed at the time but still, it's money.

There was 20 tracks on there, but 7 of them were less than a minute long. A slap in the jaw really. Something that's less than a minute isn't a track, is it. One was a radio rip from Rinse FM as well. I just accepted that I got bumped.

However, I've stumbled on a slept-on tune that's been getting played for most of the day. Stay Fly is a DJ Semtex exclusive, which seems ironic given he asked the Newham Generals whether they were South Londoners or something a while back (it's on the start of Prancehall's mixtape I think). I accept that London is a big place, but the clue's in the name still.

"Stay Fly" isn't really Gens diction, yet the track is a Double and Foots back-to-back enterprise that's a near grime staple, and the content places itself back in the day; so far back in the day that Double wasn't blazing, Footsie was twining man with the ball at school and got signed. Visualising Footsie going on a 30 yard dribble is nearly as epic as It's War, Do You Hear Me and Scars combined, which says a lot really, especially given the fact that Scars is one of my favourite grime instrumentals ever.

Scars Clip - (Radio Rip)

I used to twiddle my fingers in anticipation for Generally Speaking. I don't bother now. And there was me thinking September was going to be album season. What happened?

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