Saturday, 22 November 2008

"I'm Going Hard"

I rate Dot Rotten highly not just because he's a talented musician, but also for his output that is generally consistent. I've had a few sly clocks of the myspace and, despite a couple of computer crashes, he seems to be keeping busy.

I'm Going Hard isn't brand new, but its recent make-over by Tenchuassassin is. I don't look out for anime, I've never watched those type of programmes, and I basically have no interest in it. It can only be because of my indifference that I was a bit sceptical about these videos, but an MC having a bar about food, consequently being matched by the obligatory clip of an ageing Oriental chap cooking some fried rice or something along those lines, just seemed to have little point.

However, I have come to appreciate them more and more over time, since they are artistic, and do add to the grime video generally. Even as a half-cynic, the scope of anime is something to admire, and fans of that genre could be drawn to grime music if more of these videos are made. Tenchuassassin seems to put his creations together well, and I did discover things I didn't necessarily see at first. Also, the lyrics are highlighted on a greater scale.

Dot Rotten - I'm Going Hard (By Tenchassassin)

Not that this latest Rotten tune is introspective at all, but a statement of intent over a Faith SFX production which is good with some big bass. The track collectively is decent, with no signs of the monotonous delivery which reared its head in places on R.I.P Young Dot, yet the verses comprise bars heard before that could give the impression that the tune was done quickly.

However, it's hard to guage when a tune was made rather than when it's first heard, so the bars may not necessarily be that old. Either way, it's irrelevant because the final product is good, yet Dot is arguably the best song-maker in the scene who is capable of better. Hopefully that's shown on his double disc and album which are due to drop in 2009.

Dot Rotten - I'm Just Being Me

I imagine quite a few of you have heard this track already, but it deserves a post regardless. It also sounds quickly made, but the trademark Rotten chorus jumps out and is further defined by the beat variations. The a cappella for the first 40 seconds is really quite a simple idea, but it emphasises the beat that is to come and, more importantly, adds variety to grime's structure of production which can be similar at times.

Lyrically, the track is a message to the "haters" yet the clever, melancholic twist in portraying himself as a victim adds atmosphere that contrasts to the stark message of intent on I'm Going Hard.

The "biological father of grime" or not, there's enough happening at the moment that shows promise and anticipation for the blank canvas of 2009.

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