Tuesday, 11 November 2008


I still hope for a Scratchy mixtape. Probably naive, but I thought there's not much wrong in hoping, so I just carried on.

Grime is arguably losing some of the many elements it once had, and one of those is definitely the use of a 'cockney' voice. Wiley has used it, along with the likes of Bruza, Dogzilla, and Scratchy himself amongst others, and it did chuck in something different to the melting-pot. Nevertheless, I can't say I'm kept awake at night pondering over the whereabouts of the Milkymans, even if they did play a part on the glorious, and triumphantly localist, personal favourite Southside Allstars Riddim.

Southside Allstars Riddim

Times change, yet Scratchy has made a seeming solo return on the microphone which could signal new intent. Mixtape? Logan played a new track called Rampage last Monday, which I made a hash of ripping:

Scratchy - Rampage (Radio Rip)

His quantity of output can't be described as immense, but there are some classic vocals in the archives, including the Ice Rink vocal which is one of my favourite versions. The Pied Piper vocal, Trim N' Scratch, and B.U.N were all memorable too.

Maybe one could feature on a belated mixtape. Nothing wrong with hoping.

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Laintsurge said...

Better R.U.N

Anonymous said...

I thought Trim said a while back Scratchy had finished his mixtape and it was called "The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer" (or something like that) but he was just waiting for the right time to release it. A mixtape would be good from every Roll Deep member as I rate them all but they don't always put in much work.