Saturday, 1 November 2008

'If You Haven't Got A Vision Then Fam Where You Goin'

He may have been ruthlessly upstaged by the old guy with the loafers on the Movement Documentary, but Semtex's blog isn't bad and I might just have a look at it sometimes. I had a brief look earlier, and saw that Wiley's forthcoming album, See Clear Now, has been delayed until January 2009. Bravely ignoring the fact that Semtex was probably right, what with his contacts in the scene and all, I looked on and the worst of nightmares was confirmed.

Unlucky if you pre-ordered.

It's not that long to wait, but all the same I was eager to hear what the final product would sound like. With January and a new year not being far away, it's unlikely the CD will be changed, so hopefully lots of people will buy the tracks and download them onto their new and shiny ipods, and that youngsters will get the CD with the tenner they got from their auntie Sally. And so on.

I don't know if there will be any repercussions, since the delay isn't that long, added to the fact I'm not sure of the anticipation for See Clear Now, but it doesn't sit that well in the process that's led up to the album's release. Surely someone could have had a eureka-moment and realised that yeah, Christmas isn't long after November 10, maybe we should take this into account, rather than giving a date and not sticking to it.

I'm not that fussed really. Even if the title track is ridiculously catchy. As long it doesnt affect Race Against Time, which it shouldn't, then I'll be happy.

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