Wednesday, 12 December 2007

O.G Season

With the time of year it seems like a good time to review what has happened in 2007, as well as having a look at the state of the scene.

However, some big mixtapes are still planned for release, including Griminal's 'Not Just Bars' and Little Nasty's 'Hungry Season'.

Also planned for release is O.G's 'OG Season', a CD that I'm quite excited about. This crew have made moves despite only being around proper for 4-6 months, and its not hard to see why: they have a top-boy on the buttons in Young Dot, established solo-artists in Little Dee, Jendor and P. Money, and they've been all over Rinse FM in the last few months, playing more than a part in some really memorable sets. The Myspace is still under construction, but still have a look

I'm not really on an ends-hype, but it is nice to see a grime act from South London doing their thing in the face of the current North and East London dominance. All that's needed now is for West London's Ice-Kid to release a mixtape...

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