Saturday, 15 December 2007

'I'm the King of Grime, and I will be for a very long time...'

I assume Tinchy isn't getting a christmas card from Ghetto this year, after he proclaimed live on national radio that he isn't merely the 'star in the hood', but 'star in the country, star in Essex'. I don't even know why he's talking about Essex but it does go to show that, rather than festive season, its sending season.

'Sending Season' does offer an insight into the politics of grime, which are becoming increasingly farcical. At the moment, the self-proclaimed 'King of Grime' is sending for the 'Prince of Grime' after a prolonged battle with the widely perceived 'King of Grime'. The original 'King of Grime' has, like King Lear, relinquished the monarchy and is now the 'godfather' - not any Marlon Brando though, but more like the supreme guardian over the squabbling siblings.

I don't even understand any of these monikers. And why is GH actually sending for Stryder? Perhaps time will tell...

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