Thursday, 13 December 2007

Peng Food

This is a CD with high expectations after Frisco's 'Back 2 Da Lab Volume 2', so I'm just gonna say that talking about the cover isn't that trivial. Really.

I reckon it looks decent, despite Fris seemingly standing in the middle of a favela at night. The title did make me laugh, but perhaps I missed the point - Big Fris doesn't have to reach the lab anymore to make hits.

The single is 'Skengman Mode', with features from youngers and fellow Alwayz Recordings artists Chipmunk and Double S. The tune is ridiculously catchy; Logan has been rinsing it for about the last 16 weeks and its not even getting on my nerves yet.

The mixtape will inevitably face comparisons with 'Back 2 Da Lab Volume 2', easily one of the best mixtapes of 2007, but Fris has established himself as a big MC and I expect good things. A video for 'Skengman Mode' is coming soon, and check back for a full review after the CD's general release.

You get more details on Frisco's myspace.

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