Monday, 17 December 2007


Westwood - what's the deal? After stating his intentions to take Boy Better Know to New York, the grime scene had certain expectations. There was a little interview and about 10 minutes of spitting, with a spot of Skepta murkery:

'I want a 100 per cent not 50/50, I get money but my name ain't 50, went to the lloyd bank and took out a young buck'...

Westwood is a hip-hop head, and you can't expect him to fully embrace grime immediately at hip-hop's expense. However he perhaps could have integrated them more into the show. Skepta's 'what?! Is that what we're going on?' when the big dawg put on Soulja Boy said quite a lot, and LL Cool J rounded things off by talking poop.

What are his motives? Wiley's statement that Westwood thinks 'POW is the start of my scene' shows suspicions from grime's heart. Chipmunk, while a good prospect, has been on his Sunday show at least four times in the past couple of months, and Westwood's inability or refusal to hold a basic conversation with an artist about their music or the scene is one that throws Logan's hosting style into great contrast.

That's not to say Westwood's attention isn't totally unwelcome. As a globally-known DJ he is able to introduce a new audience to grime, and MCs have the platform of good quality radio that is broadcast nationwide.

Westwood can help grime. But does he cares for the music?

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