Thursday, 20 December 2007

'When I was on the Rinse 1 double 0 3 you were in your bedroom cuz listening to me'

I remember when I used to watch the bonus footage on Roll Deep's 'In At the Deep End', and Flow Dan spat that lyric in some car. I've always liked it.

'Sending Season' is in overdrive right about now, with Edmonton's war of words not slowing down and the Flow Dan under fire himself from Taliban. Not any Afghan freedom fighter, but former crew member Trim/Javan/Trimothy/Trimbale/etc. Have a listen for yourself on Trim's myspace.

Both Trim and the Dan were on Rinse last Sunday. It was a good set. In fact, Boy Better Know/Roll Deep and the Newham Generals have provided some really good radio in the past few weeks.

Check all of the latest Rinse podcasts at here

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