Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lethal Bizzle - Go Hard

I've always liked Lethal B. Recent evidence for my hunch is that he's one of the most entertaining people on Twitter, despite very strong, recent competition from Marcus Nasty.

In the grime-bubble, I suppose Lethal floats on the filmy edge; not quite in the insular, underground circle and not fully in the wider conscience - a touring and NME middle-ground. He's also between the two worlds of Country and City, as Jammer and Fumin have reminded him in recent wars of words. Then again, he seems to know as well:

Been woken up by a cat trying to eat a bird! Then bare birds come to save the bird! Bare noise ! Madness ! Countryside activities kmt !
6:10 AM Aug 7th from TwitterBerry

Sippin on some sizzurp! I no I'm late! I had to drive to the hood to get it! They don't even sale alize in the sticks! Kmt
3:11 PM Aug 11th from TwitterBerry

Just got back to my crib after a long ass day and there's a power cut! My gate not opening so I had to jump over and i ripped my hoodie kmft
10:14 PM Sep 11th from TwitterBerry

There's still more anticipated releases this year but, given Lethal and his foot in each camp, maybe his upcoming CD, 'Go Hard', has been overlooked by the underground. Out on 5 October, it's a crux in Lethal's career:

Real talk! My 4th album is gonna be pop! Chippy, tinchy, ironik and dizze.. That's the way forward! My 3rd album will be my last hard album
3:05 PM Jul 19th from TwitterBerry

As he edges towards the precipice, 'Go Hard' could well have some highlights. Along with the two Donaeo collaborations on Go Hard and
Flap Your Wings, there's production from Dexplicit and the Silencer track, Don't Run It Up:

Lethal Bizzle - Don't Run It Up

Just finished making one pop rap electro tune, decent still.... I gotta get used to this pop shit! Daaaam things have changed
8:28 PM Aug 17th from TwitterBerry

Indeed they have. If in a couple of years he's not referred to as the 'UK grime star', he would have done alright for himself. But I don't really mind what music he makes - as long as he keeps going strong with the twitter updates.

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