Monday, 14 September 2009

Hammer - Hurricane City (The Drama)

Greetings grime fans.

I'm done and dusted with education. No more books covered in wrapping paper, no more forgetting pens, no more all-nighters. At quite a few points I resented it but, now the academic road has suddenly stopped, I'm bored shitless.

Looking back, it's all very distant from the Goosebumps days. With classics like 'Tick, Tock: You're Dead!' and Shop Til You Drop...Dead!', you could choose your own contrived fate in a death-of-the-author-power-to-the-prepubescent revolution:

'If you want to wait for your mom to get back, stay here. If you want to go into Dr. Eeks lab, tinker with some volatile liquids and then have an arm-wrestle with the scientist that looks a bit like a ravaging, raping serial-killer, go to page 284.'

Hammer has stemmed my boredom for now by bringing viewer interactivity to his new video series. Best of all, I don't have to skip any pages. 'The Drama' is a very good idea, and really quite unique and out of the box. Check it out.

His 'Hurricane City EP' is out next week. You can look out for updates from Hammer's blog and twitter.

And lastly, Silencer is doing alright for himself at the minute. But just in case it all comes on top for him, at least he has a future as a comic actor.

The guy is genuinely hilarious.

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Laintsurge said...

You must of seen this?

fullygrown said...

Nah, I hadn't seen it.

The idea is not unheard of, not in any way, but I think applying it to a grime context was something no-one else has done yet. He had a few videos floating about and this was a clever way in brining them all together.

Well I was impressed at least. lol