Friday, 25 September 2009

Jammer Signs with Big Dada

Greetings grime fans.

After rumours about signs on dotted lines with Dirtee Stank, Jammer has signed a three album deal with Big Dada. The hip-hop label, an imprint of Ninja Tune which has released The Bug's collaborations with Flow Dan and Killa P, released Wiley's 'Playtime is Over' in 2007.

According to Big Dada HQ:

"Jammer nearly signed with Big Dada two years ago (and actually played at our 10th Anniversary party), so everyone here is very pleased to have finally persuaded him! After a series of acclaimed mixtapes, Jammer's first full-length album is scheduled for May 2010. First single, 'Party Animal', will be released later this year."

Perhaps errors were made with the promotion for 'Playtime is Over', but the album had grime integrity. In a deal that offers security, hopefully Jammer's will offer the same. The first of the three looks like it will be titled ''Return of the Merkle Man'.

Jammer has worked hard and deserves his chance. Good on him.

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