Monday, 21 September 2009

JME - Over Me

Over me, right this minute, is a white ceiling. There's also a hench spider, dangling about and crouched in a different position every time I look up; I don't really fancy it.

Quick ones today.

I hoped the wow bass of Silencer's remix for JME's Over Me would make its legs quiver, beating a hasty retreat into the corner. No luck so far, but I can always replay the tune. I have a few times already - I rate this.

JME - Over Me (Silencer Remix)

After the release of his debut album 'Famous?', JME has said:

"...this time around I'm focusing on releasing grime singles with class. Loads of them, each with their own video and strong theme so they are remembered. When I do my live show I will have lots of material to work with and after I've done 5-10 big grime tracks, then I will think about an album."

JME's approach is hardly novel but, given the overwhelming album/mixtape/free promo approach in grime currently, stripping down to singles gives quality more of a chance in its unremitting battle with quantity. Furthermore, by focussing on singles, the problem of picking singles from albums is made near-redundant, and the songs themselves are more likely to be stronger.

The issue of piracy is hardly novel either; it can't be stopped, music is more free than ever before. But piracy is back in the spotlight after Lily Allen started a blog rallying against file-sharing. James Blunt also threw in his 2p, so the Pirate Bay et al. should be expecting unprecedented traffic any time soon. But with good radio play and videos, consumers know what they're getting for their mere 79p and singles give artists more of a chance. Costs less than putting a mixtape together as well.

Perhaps a grime MC should try and get on that blog - it damages grime more than the mainstream artists because, even if they lose more money, at least they're still shifting some decent units.

Anyway, my eight-legged friend is getting closer. It looks like I'm gonna beat the hasty retreat.

JME - Over Me is now available on iTunes,, Amazon and all of those good places.

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andre said...

silencer remix is messier then Sam Mitchells face lift