Monday, 8 December 2008

"What Do You Know About Violence?"

No one minute clips, but the full thing. There's some odd sound effects here; presumably the Generals covering themselves with a piece of cardboard against the monsoon of internet piracy.

Newham Generals - Violence Video

I've been waiting for this album for far too long. It was really the only thing I cared about this year, along with R.I.P Young Dot and possibly Skepta's Microphone Champion. I thought I had become immune to the everlasting disappointment of dashed hopes, but this video suggests otherwise. Roll on '09.

The video is good, and I appreciate the polished yet amateurish, home-made feel to it, which contrasts nicely to an MC with little credentials pontificating in front of a camera, swarmed by half-hearted women and rented cars.

I could have sworn the original of this had Footsie's "I will overly war man" bars, but Dizzee Rascal and G-Man's features put such thoughts on the back-burner. For me, D Double E not appearing is a bit hard to take, and Dizzee could have at least wrote some new bars for his signings, yet this is a strong, first single. Head Get Mangled next?

If it was any other grime act I would have lost faith and not given two shits. Says a lot about the Newham Generals really.

Or is that just me?

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Laintsurge said...

Yeah Newham Generals are pretty swag. I can't believe I bought their album. If that was the best of I dread to hear the worst.

fullygrown said...


come on fam, Newham Generals too much, they kill the radio waves regularly

Footsie is a top-boy producer, DEE is a legend, Tubby is a decent producer and DJ with great selection.

True say their physical output hasn't been great, but hopefully the album will change that