Friday, 19 December 2008

"Topboy Now I Get On Better With Grime"

Who doesn't listen to DJ Cameo?

I shamefully raise my hand, like I used to way back when I had to admit I didn't have the cash for own clothes day. Maybe I should listen to Cameo, but there's just not enough hours in the day. Especially when you get up at 12.

Anyway, on the last show Ghetts tells his 'UKG' story. I was expecting narratives of a young Justin rising from the gutter to heady heights but it didn't quite turn out like that. A few things were said though:

● Griminal, Chipmunk and Ice Kid are the best 'youngers' in the scene,
● Rapid, Nocturnal and Maniac are the best three producers,
● And himself, Kano and Wiley are the best MCs in the scene right now.

Not the most controversial list. Except for that bit.

Later on in the show there was a Little Dee vocal, which is the first track I've heard after a bit of an absence in the wake of the Dot Rotten, OG-Civil War fracas.

Little Dee - Deep Blue Sea (Radio Rip)

It's only a clip since time was running out, probably because Cameo was unable to resist the unholy urges of bassline. Despite the length of the audio, the tune sounds decent. The hook is not bad by grime standards, and neither is the beat. I thought Don't Let The Name Trick You was a good effort; the release happened a bit too early for him in my opinion, but the beats carried the CD a long way.

A debut album is in progress, so maybe this will feature. Little's year next year? I've been hearing a lot of '2009 is mine' talk. Only one can have it.

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Joesph said...

top blog

Blunt Wun said...

Live, yea i heard that still..
Cameo's prob the best 'urban' radio DJ/host imo right about now..