Tuesday, 2 December 2008

"Can I Call Myself A Darky?"

Nasty Jack must have blustered into the Kiss studios last night. Comments flew left, right and centre during his interview with Logan, including "are you saying my mum listens to hardcore grime?" It was a twist from Jack's Westwood appearance, after demanding an apology for the host's sleight to his mum. He didn't even get one still. I remember Bless Beats copping the same treatment a while back so at least Jack can take that for consolation.

I concluded he might be a bit on edge, and maybe even unconfident after dropping bombshells such as the ladies not feeling his afro a while back, but I just divorced myself from the context and laughed at the whole thing.

I was waiting to hear about the Logan dubs, his masterful change of musical direction after the ill-fated Pimp On Flows, and hopefully the general story of NJ rising from the recent rubble of grime scene non-acknowledgement, arm extended in the air with clenched fist, while screaming "suck ya nan-a-nan" to the doubters in the wake of the resurrection.

But it was all a mistake. The Logan dubplate that kicked it all off was apparently a "joke", after Jack put his "heart and soul" into something that didn't quite pay off. He may have felt he didn't get what he deserved before, but I think you do get what you deserve in time. Perhaps Shotta Music is the unintentional break.

Jack ended with the obligatory "2009 is mine" talk, and said that more mixtapes and an album are coming. Shotta Music wasn't his normal style, and would probably be a one-off.

You can talk about deserving something but, after the anticipation of Shotta Music, willing to leave it all behind makes no sense at all. There may not be huge longevity in the bashment-influenced style, but at the least he's distinguishing himself from others and doing something different.

Maybe he doesn't want to pigeon-hole himself, but I can't help thinking that Logan did him a massive favour when he spontaneously decided on a second edition of Shotta Music. I would rather listen to material an MC enjoys making rather then the latest, contrived effort to break the charts.

Couple new rips for you here from last night's show. Might as well.

Ghetto - Don't Phone Me (Feat. Griminal)

A bit late, but fuck it.

Tempa T - Next Hype

Frisco - Ignorant Remix (Feat. Roadside Gs)

Big Rem & Messy - We Make Money

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