Thursday, 25 December 2008

Nicole's Groove

Christmas Day.

The Allies and the Germans stopped killing each other and had a game of football, Jesus was born and gave all of us sinners a chance, and none other than Shystie was born. Dubplate Drama wouldn't have been the same.

Big up all the guys that ordered stuff off the net and are still waiting for the goods to arrive. I know there's a few of you about. I'm just gonna wrap up a couple of things now but first of all, I just wanna say thanks to all the people that have read the blog over the past year. Thanks to all who have taken the time out to read what a next guy thinks and leave a comment, and thanks to all who have left feedback, positive or negative. It's appreciated.

Special thanks to the grimeforum gang; Lemon, Hij and Elijah at
butterz, and a big shout out to Davide Machado at Gold Seal Recordings.

I think I posted POW as last year's Christmas jingle, but it's a different vibe this year. I just like the tune, and it's also nice to reminisce on Breeze being a top mic-man in comparison to his paltry status nowadays. I suppose it's partly his fault.

Wiley Kat & Breeze - Nicole's Groove

Spyro, Maximum and Mak 10 should be on Rinse FM later. I'm starting to plan my excuses from the dinner table now.

Happy Christmas.

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Dvine Deano said...

love the tune. and i uploaded this version, use to have full version but not no more only this one.

fullygrown said...

ha ha, it's great innit

I got the embed code from some next website, on the youtube page I couldn't find it?

Anyway safe for the upload man