Tuesday, 10 February 2009

"I'll Start Smashing Up Your Mixing Desk...Until It Can't Be Repaired"

After last week's white powder proliferation, and Logan geared up for radio only to be denied access like an MC turning up to Marcus Nasty's funky show, I was cruelly denied my weekly fix of Next Hype. I locked in last night, fighting off lingering tiredness, only for the instrumental to pop out its grinning face with mere minutes remaining.

Still, this wasn't an ordinary show, and last week's postponement inadvertently highlighted the point.


Rapid (Feat. Ghetto) - One Way Road (Radio Rip)

Rapid continues to dabble with autotune, following from Bring Your Click and Superman, but as an MC he's added intensity and beginning to make a mark on tracks. Hopefully his album arrives soon.

Badness (Feat. God's Gift) - Jump Off (Radio Rip)

I never used to rate Badness, but he's been doing impressive things for a good few months now. This is a great track, almost like a more credible Message Is Love. His album is due for release next month, and it might be worth a look.

Dot Rotten & Brutal - I'm A Professional Remix (Radio Rip)

The original, from my favourite mixtape last year, 'R.I.P Young Dot', was a straight skip. I like the remix though, and Brutal continues to improve every time I hear him. Hopefully it's not too late for another attempt at '10% Effort'.


DJ Spyro was the guest, only the second after his good mate DJ Mak 10. He wasted no time in making a brave stance against the Sama monarchy, hastily proclaiming that he's mixed for three years longer, despite being four years Logan's junior. Been mixing since he was eleven, apparently. When I was eleven, I was just trying to get home in one piece and avoid beatings from the olders at school.

Spyro even used to pratise on the kitchen table, which raised faint memories of December 4th on Jay-Z's 'Black Album' and a young Carter knocking on the table, rapping.

"At four, he taught his-self how to ride a bike; a two-wheel at that. Isn't that special?"

I can appreciate a mother's pride, as well as a precocious, wide-eyed Jay-Z careering down hills and wallowing in his new-found, two-wheeled freedom but, to be fair, the mix was arguably more special. Every mix wasn't flawless, but just the novelty value was enough.

Maybe next time if Logan and Spyro did it on unicycles, with perfect mixing throughout. That would be special, as I'm sure Ms Carter would agree.

Download the set here.

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Lee at TeamSupreme said...

Not sure about Rapid as a rapper, he makes such sick beats... don't want that to get affected.

Spyro though. Oh my days. WOW.

Swyft said...

Professional - staight skip?
have a laugh.
That was one of the best tracks on the mixtape. Lines such as "I've been eating up so many emcee's I need to mind my cholesterol" And "I'm about to blow like putting a flame right next to the petrol".
Still your opinion LOL

Sick blog btw.

fullygrown said...


yeah I'm not really a fan, just think it's a bit repetitive with too much autotune.

Can't Test My Crew, War Mission, Rotten and Voltage all all better in my opinion.

Thanks for feedback

faustus said...

that badness track is sick innit? pa-lava eruption is gonna be fiyah! safe for putting up the rips and sets, makes it nice and easy to catch up