Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Follows Me

It's all quite romantic at first. Floating and swirling in the air, descending with poise and elegance. The snow wraps up all below, and your understanding of the environment - roads, car-parks, maybe a patch of grass - merges into an indistinct mass of whiteness.

Lovely isn't it.

Guys have to make the standard snowballs, trample a bit, drive about town, and the atmospheric scene turns into a slosh. Grime's novelty, feeling and atmosphere of a former time, one in which 'Treddin' On Thin Ice' belonged, has thawed. Puddles form and the sparse beats, so indicative of the time and place in which they were created, have sunk to the bottom.

Dot Rotten is, to me, one of the very few who has a sense of emotion and atmosphere in his music and, continuing with the frosty thread, here's a brief clip of the tune he played on his Genesis Radio show. The hook is basic, but I like the tune.

Ice Kid (Feat. Dot Rotten) - Respect

Wiley's eski-beat classics, and even the former battle with Doogz on the Igloo riddim, are now housed in Club 5 as the scene slides ever more to the dancefloor.

================THE WAR REPORT===============

Wiley - Conspiracy

The dub isn't characteristic for Wiley, since the reply wasn't immediate. The Australia tour may be partly the reason for that, but this is still the the obligatory reply for credibility.

There's nothing wrong with a draw. Two of the best slugged it out, kicked up some excitment and showed the scene's levels in the process.

'You want your name in the king of grime conversation they ain't saying it'.

But in terms of competition between Wiley and Goodz, is this the last word?

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Newsy Chick said...

Ah I hope that Wiley dub isn't the last we've heard of the beef. As long as they get a bit more creative, it's more minutes of entertainment for me.

D.ray said...

Man straight out if some could please explain the line "that aint really titch backing it". Wiley being a ledgendary rapper but i feel he doesnt address certain lines for example he never says he wasnt a cross dresser just that hes the god father of grime.. good beef though

Gusto said...

Feeling your blog! Just came past it by accident. Good up to date stuff poppin off! Bless.

fullygrown said...

the beef has become a bit hazy for me now and what was exactly said, but Wiley did deny he was a cross-dresser.

Even if he did, that's a straight plainface denial thing

Anonymous said...

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