Wednesday, 10 September 2008

'I'm On a Badman Ting What's He On, Drive To Your House In a Ford Oreon'

The Rolex Sweep and its circular movements (no Chipmunk) has begun its assault on the UK Charts. The pearl 'better late than never' may provide some comfort but Skepta could well be unfashionably late for the party and not get his slice of the commercial cake.

Time moves on. Skepta has done his time, producing bangers and duppying sets, and you can't begrudge a man that has bills to pay. All the same, in the rush to make a wish and blow out the candles first, whilst hopping madly on one leg with arms raised in the air hoping to catch the eye of investors, there is lesser emphasis on bumbaclart badman and music therein (i.e grime).

Skepta - Bumbaclart Badman radio rip

*This blog used Skepta as an excuse to post some Slew Dem classics as a comparison between the grime scene now and, really, not that long ago. Apologies to Skepta are proffered*

Way Down The Road Megamix (Feat. Scorcher & Wiley) - Radio Rip

NFL - Radio Rip

Esco - Grime Remix Vocal (Radio Rip)

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ToxikKargoll said...

hey did you see this one? fuckin nice skepta videointerview