Monday, 1 September 2008

Silencer - Wow Base Level 1


Even if his hype is admirable at 2 on a Monday morning, it can get a little tedious but, really, the mantra is a reflection of the man. When dropped on a set, Silencer's simple yet emphatic bass-ridden beats are a highlight in an age in which radio is well down the road torwards terminal decline.

Silencer has come from a largely anonymous position in the production ranks, his breakthrough coming after his track World War 4 got extended airplay from DJ Maximum towards the end of 2007. Less than a year later, his debut EP is available on vinyl and on digital format from today.

There's only one Hollowman Jendor, and duppying on radio is a walk in the park. Going back to back with K Dot was always memorable in Essentials' heyday, and spitting over a mix, as well as riding the beat as soon as it drops, complement a bag of reload bars. Having gone through a few sets Jendor's unwittingly made his way through the whole Silencer EP, so have a listen below.

World War 4



The one remaining track, Final Lap, was harder to track down, but that's there on what's a very decent vinyl, rivalling Rude Kid's well-supported 'Are You Ready' EP on No Hats No Hoods. Radio isn't there, but at least the vinyl scene is showing small signs of revival. Silencer said a few things to about the release, and it's refreshing to see his intensity on delivering something even better next time round. The beats are there. Jen laces a couple of others here.

The digital format harks new times, and Dot Rotten has released a bag of instrumentals on itunes and emusic amongst other places. There's no point in keeping a vast backlogue of beats. Release them and give the fans what they want.

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