Saturday, 26 January 2008

'I'm Not Doing It Little I'm Big Not Small, In The War I Stand Up Tall'

I stopped watching Eastenders about five years ago. I don't really know why - whether I just grew out or whether I just couldn't take Little Mo getting whacked up anymore. Either way, there's no chance of going back now because there are other areas of East London that are doing more than a Grant Mitchell Vs Steve Owen Vs Dan Wicks three-way-no-holds-barred-cage-match.

Riko has been sending for Durrty Goodz, but I can't find the dub. Perhaps more prominenetly, Trim and Flow Dan have been having a tiff that has turned ugly. Trim had a track for him on his myspace called the Low Dan, where he claims he's in fact the Dan of flows. Trim has been sending for the Big Dargs for the last two weeeks on Rinse, targeting his canerow amongst other things. Early this week things really started to unravel, not unlike a soap-opera such as Eastenders:

Sunday evening - Trim and Wiley merking on Rinse, with Trim slewing Flow Dan like its nothing while Will stands there twiddling his thumbs.

Monday morning - Wiley posts on RWD Forum saying that Flow Dan can't have it, or something to that effect. Eskiboy promptly changes his myspace name to 'FLOWDAN YOU NEED TO UP THE LEVELS MATE'. A seeming betrayal, but it transpires that, in hindsight, that Flowdan was in studio preparing his fightback...

Monday afternoon - Flow Dan releases his talking dub, entitled 'Fack Arff'.

Monday night: Logan reveals a text from Trim saying he has replied. The dub cut deep, mentioning how Wiley wrote all of his bars. Trim also had time to bring Flow Dan's son into it, after trying to involve his cousin Killa P before. It's hard to tell how far is too far, but in the war you have to go all out.

The situation is intersting, and there is probably a bit more life in it. Rinse tomorrow, so maybe Flow Dan and Trim will both turn up. Along with the Riko send, I calculate this as sends #5 & #6 for the year so far.

I might have to start getting this down on paper from now on.

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