Monday, 21 January 2008

'Kill Off Killy'!

Prez T is back. No lie - President T is seemingly back so, to all the doubters, back inna your face. Props to him for even returning - there was the possibility that not many would have recognised him and I suppose that the longer he wasn't around, the more likely he might not have made grime music again.

I hear rumours of 'Back Inna My Face' being released as a free download, which only confirms the fact that it's promo season right about now. I think it's good if he is putting it up for download, since his mixtape has become one of the grime's biggest charades.

However, that tag is diminishing given the excitement over Prez T finally releasing 'Back Inna My Face' and the saga nearly being over. The video to his new single, A Day in the Life of, is slick as well as being complemented by a very nice beat.

President T - A Day in the Life of Video

The timing of the video is especially hilarious since Ears is also back making music again. I'll come back to Ears's stuff but, for now, check his myspace.

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