Tuesday, 15 January 2008

'Don't Hype Or Something Unless You Want It To Get Silly'

Right - apologies for the recent air to the blogging sphere, but I've had a lot on my plate recently. Griminal passed through Logan's Kiss show last Monday; download the show from the grime wikipedia if you missed it.

Griminal talked about a few things, including his name:

'You know a criminal yeah? Why are they a criminal? Becasue they do crime. I'm Griminal because I do grime'.

Also, Griminal's mixtape will not be released for now, so make the most of the free promo.

Sending season 2008 is in good progress - I was planning to document events as they unfold this year but then I realised that there just isn't enough hours during the day. Wiley has five projects lined up this year but still has time to send for Lethal (again), Griminal has got some new bars for Jammer and Double O, and P.Money is after Ghetts.

That's potentially an epic clash in the making. Lord of the Mics 3?

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