Saturday, 6 June 2009

Ruff Sqwad - I Wanna Let U Know

Wow. I had no idea this single was released nearly two weeks ago.

I remember hearing the tune on Logan's show a while back, and I really quite liked the song despite some part of me saying 'how the hell can you like this'.

I Wanna Let You Know video

Yet a few months down the line I still like it - probably even more. Yeah Roachee's on it and there's a half-hearted nod to James Bond at the start, but I just really like the sound. And despite the swathes of auto-tune, it doesnt really detract from the end result. I suppose auto-tune isn't very subtle - if you're gonna use it, you might as well just go for it or don't bother.

I just think Rapid is doing it right now. Given grime's current position, and the June 1st King of Grime 'I'm gonna shift more albums than you' braggadocio, isn't the King the one who can bring the music in a credible format to a wider audience?

Tinchy is having huge success, and it looks likely to continue with his second album 'Catch 22'.


1. Never Leave You feat Amelle
2. Number 1 feat N-Dubz
3. Take Me Back feat. Taio Cruz
4. Stryderman
5. I'm Landin
6. 1 of us
7. Spotlight
8. Story Unfold
9. First Place

'Catch 22' isn't grime music but he features on I Wanna Let U Know and, given he's the nation's favourite pocket-rapper right now, he's in a good position to promote Ruff Sqwad. The single builds on Rapid's new style, and Tinchy playing a role in that, after vocals like Stuck On My Mind.

Stuck On My Mind video

Rapid's CD 'Rapid Fire' and the Ruff Sqwad album need a release as soon as possible. But now I want to hear them so I can test the waters and validate my new theory. Admittedly he needs chart success first.

But Rapid - King of Grime?

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Laintsurge said...

Usually I'm quick to say songs like this and Number One etc. are shit without giving them a chance. But this is quite a tune and it's good to see some of the less popular artists in a big video rather than just Tinchy.