Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Revolver - Cruel Intentions (Free Download)

'Right now it's Cruel Intentions...nothing nice.'

So says Revolver as he introduces In For the Kill. He seems to be flowing with his own sound and style currently, not too long after his mixtape 'Grime's Son'. If you enjoyed that release then 'Cruel Intentions' is for you.

Expect a bag of greaze, big production from the likes of Wiley and Scorcher and assured features from Devlin and Deeperman.


1) Intro
2) Madness
3) Blood Money Drug Money
4) Not Gangsters
5) Wanna Pull The Strap
6) In For The Kill
7) Freestyle
8) The Game
9) Exposure
10) Conclusion Mix

You can download the promo from:


Expect an album and a dubstep project from Revolver in the near-future but, with the new promo, catch the boats of rapt-looking locals on the Tim and Barry TV set if you missed it.

DJ Spyro (Feat. Revolver, Jonson, Terminator, Dolla, Badness & Ghetts)

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