Monday, 1 June 2009

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Microphone Champion

Skepta's 'Microphone Champion' is out today, along with Bashy's 'Catch Me If You Can' and Wiley's 'Race Against Time'.

I've finally listened to Skepta's offering, and here are five reasons why you should buy the CD:

1) Giggs is on it.

2) Are You Ready features probably the best Midlands accent by a north-Londoner I've ever heard. The competition was admittedly slim but, by possibly reviving a three-quarters dead beef in the process, multi-tasking complements the Champion's powers of imitation.

3) Skepta widens the possibilities available to grime MCs by penning a tune about transvestites. Disguise is a recipe for disaster on paper but the joyous beat is the best on the CD. A very serious-sounding Skepta is 'warning people' on a comic track, merely adding to the 'what the fuck' factor. Trust me, it's brilliant.

4) While there's been talk of 'gratuitous guest appearances', Jammer's feature on Disguise is probably one of the best grime verses I've ever heard.

'some of them girls ain't girls,
if you look properly you'll see they're guuuuyys'

5) Rolex Sweep and Sunglasses At Night are merely bonus tracks here. So if even you don't really like the CD you can still appreciate Skepta's approach. Eh grime fans?

Well maybe. Anyway that's that - if you're still not appeased then check Grime Daily for a more in-depth review later.


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Laintsurge said...

Mandem in disguise!

fullygrown said...

More than meets the eye