Tuesday, 6 January 2009

"I'm Lawless, But You Owe Logan's Mum A Mortgage"

The curtain was raised, and the expectant crowd of warmongering philistines was made to wait. Logan started the show last night with a few bits of light-entertainment before the main event.

New Jammer Tune (Radio Rip)

Jammer's shrill tones delievered and the next one, which I assume is called Dark given it was mentioned abouty fifty times, had this comic-transylvanian beat that was sheer comedy.

Diesel & Flow Dan - Dark (Radio Rip)

Maverick, Double S & Dot Rotten - Grime Scene Warning (Radio Rip)

Faith SFX's beatboxing seemed like a bit of a novelty, but in producing the two come together well, and in a way that makes his beats unique from the rest. Dot also vocalled another SFX beat, and by the sounds of it there's more to come. Get used to hearing it, because I reckon there's some life in this vocal.

============== THE WAR REPORT ==================

So yeah, there might have been a couple fanfares, but I didn't hear them since I acted like a twelve year old and got shamelessly excited before it all kicked off. Logan graciously put the War Report into context by spinning the Jeeday Jawz dub for Rinse first. The chirpy, Loudmouth production matches the content, which is punchy and to the point, and Rinse had to come with a decent reply.

I thought it was OK. The beat selection was a good one, and Nocturnal's Stop is one of the best instrumentals in recent times. On another production I would have made less of Rinse's reply, but the beat adds intensity, and Rinse's tone is different to the sometimes flippant Jawz on the first dub. The spitting and flow are excellent, and he doesn't stumble over his words which I've sometimes heard before. Nevertheless, I thought Rinse spat for too long without hitting hard, and content is the most important thing for me. Jawz wins round one. Just.

Rinse's reference to the Wiley and Goodz tiff was a painful reminder of what his clash truly was; the undercard, two unprovens trying to get a name in the game; the prologue that foregrounds the real deal.

Wiley threw a couple of dubs out there, and Doogz replied by dropping about thirty words a second and, with Cokey The Snowman racking in at an impressive seven and a half minutes, he must have been swarmed with paper after he wrote the Wiley bars.

The Doogz dub was so long that, really, it entered the realms of the epic; a grime-like Paradise Lost with Milton squirming in his grave, all too aware that the content was just as graphic. It was long, but I think he kept on track throughout. It doesn't drag to me as a listener, and there's some serious pars in there. I heard it and I was like:

I try not to be biased, but we all prefer certain MCs, and these clashes result in people picking sides. Wiley's probably penning his reply already. I'm a Wiley fan; I always have been, and I prefer him to Goodz, yet I can't deny that Wiley got charred. He's in the best form he's been in for a long time and, given his hunger for the war, I'm a expecting a big reply but, to be honest, Will got bombed harder than Dresden. You know it's true.

Some people may complain from time to time, including myself, but recent events have reminded me why grime is the king of music. Long may it continue.

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Anonymous said...

So is 'Wheres my brother' by Wiley aimed at Durrty Goodz half brother Crazy Titch who is locked up?

Anonymous said...

Goodz said a lot but it wasn't such hard hitting stuff as what Wiley said and he reduced the impact of what he did say by padding it out with all the old coke stuff etc and by showing off his flow too much. Goodz would've been better off leaving out the old stuff and coming with a shorter and clearer dub that didn't need listening to several times to notice the real pars. His most damaging blows were hidden under the stuff we've heard before.
It was good but too fast for a war dub

Newsy Chick said...

Wiley & Goodz both stepped up for these ones but agree that although Goodz went hard, it was a bit long and fast to have as much impact as Wiley's.

I am a Wiley fan though so slightly biased.

Newsy Chick said...
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fullygrown said...

yeah, I think Wiley said it was about Titch on RWD Forum

Think he's talking about numerous people though, not totally sure to be honest

Rippz said...

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