Thursday, 22 January 2009

"From Day One I Said I Was Serious"

January 22. Two years ago today, the ruthless heard-hearts of the RWD Forum splashed their keyboards with salty tears in wake of the news that Wiley was going to hang up the mic. Poor old Cameo was close to tears.

Time has proved cruel; RWD is now stuttering like an asthmatic 80 year-old crawling to his top-floor flat, and Cameo's admirable emotion in the moment has been undermined by Wiley's retractable towel.

JME said on the last Logan Sama Show that he wants to make the music he likes and, on Westwood last year, claimed that he never wants to go over-ground. Most interestingly, and related to all of this, is that he thought someone needs to stay underground for the benefit of grime. Skepta, Scorcher, and even JME himself were touted as possible replacements for the irreplaceable position that Wiley had scarpered from two years ago.

Not as far as I'm aware

Why? Why does grime need a leader, a general to marshall the kids running around making music? In the days of the artist people still follow, as the electro trend sadly proved, yet there is greater autonomy for individuals now in pursuing their own musical journies. The decline of the crew has highlighted the MCs personal path.

MCs have a better idea of what they're doing now, but still JME saying he's happy to stay around can only be good. He's seen the genre develop, has one of the best business-brains in the scene, and he's a competent musician that can pass on good advice.

This is assuming that JME takes up this position in the future. However, like him or loathe him, just JME's philosophy in itself, especially in the current context of craving for cross-over hits, is something that I give him huge credit for.


Logan Sama (Feat. JME, Trim, God's Gift, Riko, Footsie, Syer B & Flow Dan - Rinse FM, January 2005

Just a set I found from the dark and murky archives of my shit computer.

Stream on zSHARE

Download from Megaupload

Skip to three minutes, and bask in the glorious Rapid production and JME's 'I'll beat you up' badinage. He's not a bad MC you know.

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