Friday, 8 February 2008

'Man In Meridian, I Know Man From All Kind Of Zones That Worship Man In Meridian'

I've been listening to a lot of President T recently, and especially his mixtape 'Back Inna My Face', which you can download from here if you're late. I did a review for the mixtape and, while listening it, I was thinking about Meridan Crew, and that some of the best tracks included features from them.

The days of Meridian are most likely over, with JME and Skepta having moved from Meridian Walk, and most of the remaining Meridian members forming the rap collective 'Bloodline'. At a time in the scene where the crew seems to be losing its importance, it seems even more of a shame because Meridian were a massive crew. There were a few members but not too many, and they had so much variety, with JME's comic bars, Big-H contrasting that with straight greaze, and Skepta's solid flow almost serving as an opposite to President T's stop-start style on mic.

Here is a decent set from probably the crew's heyday, during their regular shows on Deja Vu 92.3 FM. You can catch Big Fris on that, and also this is a video from the first part of the first Practice Hours DVD. You won't see Boy Better Know T-Shirts like that nowadays...

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