Wednesday, 20 February 2008

'I Can Even Watch A Butterz Girl Grinding'

Sending out to Elijah, with what looks like a very tidy line-up of top-a-top DJs. Skilliam will keep the ravers on their toes with grime and everything in between, and Kiss FM's Logan can finally be a part of the grimeforum tree as he's always wanted (don't deny it Sama). Vectra will be playing the classics, J.J. will be in the mix, and master-chopper Spyro is also reaching, so make sure you catch this. If you still need a little more convincing, Rinse FM DJ Tootsi who will be presiding over a hype grime v dubstep set, and J-SWEET, producer of Lethal's 'You'll Get Wrapped', 'The Come Up' and JME's 'Deadout', will be running all the exclusives fresh from the hard disc.

It should all be kicking off at aroyund 9, and you can email butterzparty@gmail.come for more details.

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