Sunday, 8 March 2009

Ghetts - Came In The Game

It's been a while.

Well, a bit longer than I would have liked really. As a result, I feel a bit sheepish in crawling back to the blogosphere so it's quick ones today.

Ghetts went to Maida Vale, courtesy of the BBC, and performed an exclusive track. Ras was waiting and with the camera rolling pronounced, just in case there was any doubt, that we're in the 'presence of greatness'. I strained to see whether Nelson Mandela had hobbled in through the backdoor, or if Mother Teresa was sitting all reflective in the corner of the studio, but no sign. I can only commend Ras's enthusiasm.

I can join him really, because I really like this track.

Ghetts - Came In The Game

To Ghetts' credit he didn't get too excited, and refrained from referring to himself as, erm, 'the Champion' for instance. For one thing, it would have been highly unoriginal given Skepta's liberal use of the c-word last week on Logan's show. Things have been said about arrogance, things have been said about necessary bravado. I agree with both, but the way Skepta that used the word more and more, only for it to sound more farcical with every extra use, just seemed to twist into an unintended, mocking self-satire which was sickly amusing.

Well, in my opinion anyway.

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1 comment:

Newsy Chick said...

Ha, I just posted this same vid before passing through. I'm so late.

Defo agree on the pleasantly arrogance-free performance.