Monday, 28 July 2008

'Who's That Boy From East London Who Keeps It Grimey Yeah That's Wiley'

Well, he's not a boy any more, though Will tries his best by means of internet communication that's of the highest order.

The latest RWD thread isn't quite of the calibre of this, this, and this, but it does actually reveal something. Wiley's just signed his fourth album deal after he was 'getting held back' at Big Dada, so best of luck to him. He probably needs it, having racked up a few already so hopefully this one can last a bit longer than the others. In stating that he wants to make a ground-breaking album, it can't help when he's moving around all over the place. Also I'm sure he realises a ground-breaking album won't materialise solely from catchy radio tunes primarily marketed at prepubescent girls so I expect a Grime Wave-like direction, though a bit more grime would be nice. And no Messy on it. Actually he should just do something with Flow Dan, the golden-oldies embarking on a retrospective back to back about William making a million and Flow Dan, head out the window of the Transit van, and if someone's unlucky bang bang bang. I would most probably buy it.

Being at the top for as long as he has, as well as his online indifference, will put people off, but perhaps they just don't wanna be cool with Wiley and just wanna make a fool of Wiley but he's not having it that's not Wiley. He's entitled to make some mainstream money. His online shenenigans, allied to accusations that he's selling out, remind me of the hook to his Ice Pole Remix on 'Da 2nd Phaze'. The tune in question was one of the highlights of that album and just shows 'Treddin of Thin Ice' really could have done with vocals for Eskimo, Avalanche and Ice-Rink.

It would be a pisstake to upload the tune, and most probably have it already so you can watch this instead, which includes Wiley in hilarious attire and Flow Dan, Scratchy and Trim bussing clownish skanks. Karnage keeps his dignity intact.

Ice Pole Remix live at Knitting Factory, New York

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