Thursday, 12 June 2008

'I Duppy Careers Don't Tempt Me... I Only Emcee 'Cos Certain MCs Can't Emcee'

I'm still sceptical as to whether '10% Effort' was really deployed but, despite the misnomer, this is a solid collection of tunes from emerging East London MC Brutal. The beats have been drawn from the hard-drives of Rude Kid, Skeamz, Silencer, and Dot Rotten, resulting in a big and bold production which suits Brutal's simple style and content, including numerous sends for Chipmunk and his 'Rental Flows'.

10% Effort is now available for free download, forming a new section to Brutal's ever-expanding archives of freeness and complementing his School Days series. While downloads without charge convey a good message, as well as being appreciated by fans, they arguably lend to a disposable music culture which has a limited life span. Listening to this, it's something that would have been worth the cash and it's a shame that Dot Rotten didn't release his half since, bearing in mind what he is capable of, 10% Effort could have been one of the best releases of the year.

However, Dot is moving in a determined direction, leaving Young Dot in the dust. RIP Young Dot is the title of his forthcoming release, and it has shot straight to the summit in the mental list of 'must-buys' in regard to projects that are due to land in 2008. He shone on OG Season, whether on the buttons or around mic, and he surely made a weighty contribution to a CD that was full of good songs with decent hooks. Expectations are high and, if This is the Beginning was the finest hour for Young Dot, there is no reason to suggest why RIP Young Dot can't be Rotten's defining moment.

RIP Young Dot Freestyle

RIP Young Dot is available from July 14, exclusively from UK Recordshop. Grimestore should also be stocking limited copies so pre-order now.

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