Friday, 4 April 2008

Skepta Freestyle - Tim and Barry TV

Skepta Freestyle

It really wasn’t that long ago when people were saying Skepta needed more bars. These aren’t particularly ‘new’, but by the same point its rarer to hear that Skepta is in the ‘top four crews’ these days.

I remember a set with Flow Dan from last year, and his more recent bars over Silencer’s World War 4 really did the beat justice. Even on the JME producer takeover on Cameo’s 1xtra show, his role as ‘the stig’ was a good idea and he seemingly had ‘bars for days’, whether on Plastician’s laid-back Clouds or Maniac’s more intense Star in the Making Remix.

It seems a bit of a shame that, in my opinion, the one-line flows don’t adapt particularly well to songs. Nokia Charger Wire and Skankin’ Ting are OK, but not really an In A Corner or even a Blood, Sweat and Tears. With songs like that, ‘Greatest Hits’ did things right, and just a bit more of that could have given the album a much better reception. ‘Microphone Champion’ awaits.

Devilman Freestyle

I assume Skepta is busy enough with his album project, busy enough to ignore Devilman sending for him and his brother. It was a great clash on ‘Lord of the Mics’, but Skepta won it despite credit coming for Devilman, so its best to leave it at that. It seems a bit ironic that, while riding his own 4x4 production, he says that ‘you and your brother make shit beats, that’s why you’ll never hear Devilman flow on them’.

He’s not fooling anyone, despite his ever-increasing comic value:

'You bitch, you think I won't hit you because you're a woman?
Huh? Huh?
Look at me when I'm talking to yooouuuuuuu...'

If it was her that put 'the dirty poison' in the 'fried rice', she deserved it.

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