Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Jammer Launch Party

The line-ups for recent grime raves have been impressive, and this one is no exception. Some Cameo 'dirty pop' will be fizzled out by Boy Better Know and the Newham Generals, whom I assume can afford to take jaunts down to Brighton since 'Generally Speaking' must be near completion, if not finished, by the time this event comes around. Tempz, Neckle Camp, and Ny should also be inside, along with a special guest, who admittedly will have to be special enough to take the shine from the acts booked for this.

The flyer states this is for Jammer's album, but I haven't heard anything about 'Top Producer' being near completion, so it may be for 'Are You Dumb Volume 3'. Answers on a postcard please. Regardless, its a rave with a very good line-up, so head on down there if you can.

Friday 21 March 2008
Arc Club, Brighton
10.30 - 4
£5 before 12, more after

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1 comment:

Elijah said...

march is doin alot, can we keep it up!